A-PRO lawyers achieve an acquittal for Khudoyan’s case
A-PRO lawyers achieve an acquittal for Khudoyan’s case

In accordance with the verdict of November 25th by the Koptevskiy District Court Albert Khudoyan, a Moscow real-estate developerand his accomplice Sergey Konoplev, former CEO of Aviacity were found guilty of large-scale fraud.

A-PRO had initiated criminal proceedings against the developer on behalf of the victim – a foreign company Mansfield Executive Limited. Khudoyan was found guilty of embezzling his business partner’s assets, while his accomplice was convicted of assisting inthe criminal intent. Khudoyan was sentenced to serve six years in prison and to pay a 10,465 USD fine. Konoplev was sentenced to serve three years in prison and to pay a 2,600 USD.

The civil claim of the victim was settled, the defendants were to recover 55 million USD.

The investigation have been followed by a huge scandal that led to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Romanov’s resignation. The investigation can now use the sentence to initiate criminal proceedings against Alexander Krakovskiy, the ex-Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee, and Alexander Bryantsev, an investigator, who have been charged with trying to derail the investigation into the developer.

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