Albert Khudoyan will not regain control of the land
Albert Khudoyan will not regain control of the land

The Moscow City Court has decided to maintain the order of the Basmanny District Court regarding the seizure of the land plots that belonged to LLC Spetsializirovanny Zastroyshik PRIME PARK (Specialized Developer PRIME PARK) and of the accounts and authorized capital shares of the companies controlled by Albert Khudoyan, the owner of Optima Development.

A-PRO lawyers represent the interests of a victim, Mansfield Executive Limited, as it lost 3.7 bn RUB (478 m USD) worth of leasehold estates in Leningradsky Avenue through Khudoyan’s actions.

Moreover, Mansfield Executive Limited also suffered from a white-collar crime.

During preliminary investigations the case was suddenly withdrawn from the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow and submitted to a higher investigative authority. After that, the preventive measures for Khudoyan were unreasonably mitigated and the seizure of land plots was cancelled.

A-PRO lawyers managed to highlight the fact that the involved high-level officials were striving to derail the investigation for personal gain. The defence’s actions resulted in initiating a criminal case against the investigator, Alexander Bryantsev, and his superiors. All three persons of interest have been taken into custody by the order of the Basmanny District Court.

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