Forbes lists A-PRO among the leading law firms
Forbes lists A-PRO among the leading law firms

Forbes Club Legal Research published their first results on December 23rd. The goal of the research was to identify the leading law firms in Russia that work on defending wealthy clients.

A-PRO was recognized in the following categories:

Criminal Defence

Evaluation of projects on financial crimes;

Criminal defence in corporate disputes;

Defence against criminal charges related to tax evasion;

Business defence against baseless interference of law enforcement authorities;

Defence against fraudulent acts;

Legal representation of witnesses and victims during criminal trials, etc.

Reputation Protection

Defence of wealthy clients against damaging information;

Supporting cases involving mass media;

Defence of personal and business reputation on the Internet.

Law firms that worked on unique, complex and successful projects and have the most famous and high-profile clients in their portfolio were acknowledged by Forbes as leading.

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