Konstantin Chuychenko becomes Justice Minister
Anton Malikov
Criminal practice
Konstantin Chuychenko becomes Justice Minister

For the first time in a long time, the Minister of Justice doesn’t just have experience of working in law enforcement, but also the advocacy community. Konstantin Chuychenko was a practising lawyer for several years.

His appointment raises the hope of more active interaction between the judiciary and the bar as it shows how the state recognises the importance of the institution of advocacy. In November 2019, the Government met with representatives of the lawyer community to discuss several significant issues in developing the legal profession. The Ministry of Justice is also developing a framework for regulating the professional legal assistance market. The Ministry may take steps to address the urgent problems affecting the lawyer community.

These issues include interference with lawyers’ by third parties, ignoring lawyers’ requests, as well as law enforcement authorities failing to comply with guarantees of lawyer activity. In addition, various aspects of legal aid, including payment policies and agreement termination also merit urgent attention.

In any event, the legal profession cannot possibly develop properly without interacting and engaging in constructive dialogue, with state authorities. We have reason to believe that, with the new minister’s appointment, such dialogue will take place more regularly.

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