Head of bankruptcy practice
Evgeniy Novichikhin

Basic information

Evgeniy's areas of legal expertise include bankruptcy, forensics, tax and company law. His industry expertise includes lending institutions, medicine and pharmaceuticals, energy, and IT. He has extensive experience in defending clients in cases of subsidiary liability.

Evgeniy has provided legal support for on-site and internal tax audits and tax disputes; and successfully challenged tax claims worth billions of dollars. What is more, he has experience structuring mergers and acquisitions and provided legal support in restoring corporate governance.

Evgeniy also has extensive experience in issuing legislation – he participated in the preparation of bills and the improvement of Russian Federation and Moscow legislation concerning taxes and fees, medicine and pharmaceuticals in order to create and develop the Skolkovo International Medical Cluster.

Pravo.ru-300, 2022

Recognized in the field of bankruptcy (including disputes)


Bankruptcy and Distressed Assets

Tax Law


17 years’ legal experience

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