Partner, Head of Dispute resolution practice

Ekaterina Sidorova is the head of Dispute Resolution Practice, a lawyer. Ekaterina’s key specialization is client representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, advising clients on civil law issues and pre-court resolution of civil disputes. Her specialism is bankruptcy-related cases. During her career, Ekaterina has gained successful experience in consulting and comprehensive assessment of management risks, associated with making transactions under the law on bankruptcy. Ekaterina also specializes in resolution of corporate, land and family disputes. She advises clients on civil law issues and represents them in commercial disputes, in both public and arbitration courts.

Ekaterina's professional experience includes more than 10 years of legal practice, including over 5 years of advocacy.


Ekaterina graduated with honors from the Orel Law Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, named after V.V. Lukyanov.