Partner, Head of Criminal law practice

Valery Volokh is the head of A-PRO Criminal Practice, a lawyer in the field of criminal law, member of the Chamber of Lawyers of Moscow Region. Valery represents clients and defends their interests at the stage of preliminary investigation, as well as during litigation. He is an expert in the area of advocacy for economic crimes, offences against property, and crimes against administrative order.

Valery has tremendous experience – his length of service in the legal profession is more than 15 years. Having started his career as an investigation officer of the Prosecutor's Office, he was promoted to be Senior Investigator for especially important cases of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, and then became a district prosecutor. Valery’s service was marked by numerous diplomas and awards, including the “Best Investigator of the Russian Federation” certificate of merit.

"Kommersant" law firms ratings named Valery as one of the best lawyers in Russia, putting him in first place in the individual rating of lawyers in the field of criminal law.


Valery graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. His area of expertise includes comparative legal studies in the field of economic criminal law.