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Our legal practice, founded in 2007, unites a team of professionals in the field of criminal process, investigations, fraud management, dispute resolution, business recovery, and asset protection. We are engaged in complex tasks related to conflicts involving large-scale economic disputes.


Our clients expect us to develop effective solutions to the most challenging tasks. For this very reason, we suggest unique and efficient methods that deliver the desired results.

Our partners are the top experts in the areas of investigation, asset protection and dispute resolution all over the world.

Owing to the unique experience, close professional cooperation and extensive international partner network, we realize what seems impossible to many.

Ratings and Evaluations

  1. A many times leader of the Pravo.ru-300 Russian rating of law firms
  2. Recognized as one of the best Russian law firms in the field of White-collar crime by Kommersant-2019 rating
  3. Listed as one of the leading law firms in the field of White-collar crime and Dispute Resolution: Litigation by Legal500 rating
  4. A member of the International Bar Association (IBA), European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA), International Police Association (IPA)
  5. A member of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RAKIB), participating in the development of legislation on digital technologies
CEO Oleg Popov
White-Collar Crimes
dispute resolution
and mediation
Distressed Assets
0 White-Collar Crimes

To manage a large business is always a high-risk affair, which concerns not only financial results.

One of our key specializations is protection in cases involving economic and white-collar crimes. Since 2007, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and top managers to regain their freedom, business and reputation, in cases that seemed hopeless.

Our main weapon in the protection of our clients is our invaluable experience, knowledge of the system from within, non-standard legal techniques, plus a preemptive and proactive approach. Our strategy is to occupy a dominant position and dictate our scenario of situation development in the following cases:

  1. Transition of economic dispute to a criminal sphere
  2. Illegal takeover of a business
  3. Criminal prosecution of the owner/company’s chief executive
  4. Intense interest on the part of law enforcement agencies
  5. Provocations, defamation, blackmail, slander
  6. An intent to test a specific business
  7. Suspicions of counterparty’s bad faith

1 dispute resolution
and mediation

A-PRO provides a full range of legal support in dispute resolution. We successfully defend the interests of our clients in all instances – from courts of general jurisdiction to the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. For each project, we develop a comprehensive strategy to take into account all the nuances of the case.

Thanks to our close cooperation with the Criminal Law and Bankruptcy practices, we calculate the risks in advance and develop the most effective and comprehensive strategy of case management:

  1. Pre-trial dispute resolution and mediation
  2. Corporate and commercial disputes
  3. Disputes related to real estate and construction
  4. Disputes in insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings
  5. Tax disputes
  6. Challenging transactions, decisions of public authorities, results of public procurement
  7. Collecting debts
  8. Antitrust disputes

2 Distressed Assets

The profit generator of your business always requires professional protection. Legal bans, encumbrances, business conflicts and seizure of profitable assets can instantly pass to the problematic category.

In this case, urgent and effective solutions are crucial, as a «second chance» may be unavailable.

Our clients always receive a specific and effective solution on recovery, or disposal, of problematic (distressed) assets.

Unique competencies, experience and established contacts with international partners allow A-PRO to successfully solve problems related to asset protection and asset-value conservation. Being experts in the field of the bankruptcy law, financial and analytical and legal spheres, we provide the best results in the following cases:

  1. Conflicts of owners, complicated by criminal proceedings
  2. Risks of bankruptcy, including the cross-border cases
  3. Threat of corporate raiding
  4. Aggressive actions of creditors
  5. Sabotage and unreliable management
  6. Reducing the security of accounts receivable
  7. Division of troubled family assets between spouses


The regulation of financial institutions is constantly changing. We understand how important it is for the successful development of business to comply with regulatory requirements, so the main task of our practice is to provide support to our clients on a variety of issues of regulation of credit and non-lending financial institutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our unique experience also allows us to solve any problems related to the legislation on the national payment system, as well as to provide legal support in launching new payment products in Russia. A-PRO experts also have extensive experience in solving various tasks in the field of capital markets and financial technologies.

We provide legal support on the following issues, among others:

  1. Countering the legalization (laundering) of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism
  2. Cooperation with the Bank of Russia, including the acquisition of shares/stakes of financial institutions
  3. Obtaining licenses, inclusion in the register
  4. National payment system legislation
  5. Introduction of new financial products and technologies
  6. Investment advisors
  7. Foreign and Russian securities, derivatives, RISDA
  8. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO regulation
  9. Investment platforms
  10. Regulatory requirements for participants and management bodies of financial institutions, for submission of reports and information to state bodies


Modern technologies make it possible to bring the necessary message to the widest audience in the shortest possible time. It is important to remember that this tool can work for the benefit of your reputation as well as be used by your detractors against you.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with aggressive media behavior. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and personal arrangements with a large number of media, we are able to respond quickly and effectively:

  1. Judicial protection of honor, business reputation and privacy
  2. Bringing the disseminators of defamatory information to justice, including criminal prosecution
  3. Interaction with Russian executive bodies, including Roskomnadzor, in the removal of information defaming honor and dignity
  4. Countering the dissemination of compromising and negative information by detractors
  5. Comprehensive assessment of reputation protection risks
  6. Extrajudicial settlement of relations with media
  7. Media support of disputes of different categories


We offer the most effective tax solutions for both individuals and large corporations and mid-sized businesses.

A-Pro experts develop complex solutions to preserve your funds, including tax planning, asset ownership schemes and holding structures.

We specialize in solving problems in the sphere:

  1. Support of tax audits
  2. Tax planning and tax disputes
  3. Holding structure developments
  4. Asset ownership structuring
  5. Succession planning
  6. Consulting with respect to controlled foreign companies